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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

A gingivectomy is performed where there is excess tissue and the underlying bone is not in the way. This Surgical removal of gum tissue helps treat gingivitis. It also can remove extra gum tissue for cosmetic reasons. At Think Oral Implants and Periodontics, Dr. Ting may recommend it for those with gum recession due to aging, bacterial infections, gum disease, or a gum injury.

The Gingivectomy Procedure

First, Dr. Ting numbs your mouth with a local anesthesia. Next, he uses a laser to remove excess gum tissue or damaged gum tissue. This laser also is used to shape your gumline. This allows him to be precise. This precise application helps with quicker healing and reduced pain.

After a Gingivectomy

Immediately after your surgery, you can return to normal activities as soon as your anesthetic wears off. Dr. Ting recommends eating soft foods and drinking cool or slightly warm liquids while your mouth heals. Most gingivectomies recoveries have minimal discomfort. Some patient may have some jaw pain. Use a cold compress on your cheeks to ease this pain. Also, use a warm saltwater rise to keep the area free of bacteria. An antibiotic will be prescribed to prevent infection.

To promote healing, Dr. Ting recommends that you stop using tobacco if you are a smoker. Using tobacco products reduces your ability to fight infection and delays the healing process. Depending on how extensive your procedure is, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for your gums to heal.

Learn if you’re a candidate for gingivectomy surgery

When you want to learn more about gingivectomy surgery, schedule a consultation with our professional dental team at Think Oral Implants and Periodontics by calling 610-550-3333.  During a consultation, we can answer any questions you may have about the process and if you’re a candidate for this treatment. We serve patients in Paoli, Malvern, Berwyn, and the surrounding Pennsylvania communities with advanced periodontal procedures and dental implant treatments.