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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

A person may be suffering from some form of gum recession when the roots of their teeth are exposed or hot/cold foods become uncomfortable to eat due to heightened teeth and gum sensitivity. There are many options Dr. Ting can explore to help remedy this situation. One of the more common procedures is a soft tissue graft.

Soft Tissue GraftBenefits of a soft tissue graft

Soft tissue grafting can address many types of gum issues, making it a versatile solution for all kinds of periodontal problems.

Less pain. Root exposure can be a source of extreme pain and discomfort. Nerve bundles are highly sensitive to even minor fluctuations in temperature, meaning that when you drink a cold beverage, or eat warm or hot food, you could be in for a rough time. Covering exposed roots decreases sensitivity and restores gum health, making food enjoyable again.

Improved aesthetics. Gum recession affects different teeth and different parts of the mouth in a non-uniform way. This means that teeth can look uneven or a smile can become extra toothy. When a soft tissue graft takes place, it can restore a gum line to a more uniform look and make a person’s smile more symmetrical.

Better gum health. One of the biggest benefits of restoring gum tissue is that it can resolve progressive health issues that not only affect gums, but also teeth and bones. When combined with deep cleaning procedures such as scaling and root planing, gum health can be restored, and other problems remedied.

Types of Soft Tissue Grafts

There are a few different kinds of soft tissue grafts that Dr. Ting may perform.

A kerainized graft, tissue is removed from the roof of the patient’s mouth and stitched into the site that needs to be grafted, thereby promoting natural growth. This is most commonly used when there is a need to thicken existing tissue.

When there are larger areas of roots that are exposed, it may be necessary to perform a connective tissue graft. In this instance, subepithelial tissue is removed from a small flap in the mouth and it is sutured into the site to be grafted. This is most commonly used with roots that are exposed.

A pedicle graft is used when there is a need to share soft tissue between an affected site and an adjacent gum. A flap of tissue is partially elevated and rotated to cover a root. This produces excellent results because blood vessels are left in place to promote quicker healing.

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