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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

The best way to describe the benefits of a scaling and root planing procedure is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Scaling and root planing is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before it becomes severe. Severe gum disease requires more invasive and painful procedures to remedy the problem.

What is scaling and root planingWhat is scaling and root planing

In a scaling and root planing procedure, Dr. Ting will clean between the gums and teeth of a patient’s mouth down to the roots. In some cases, Dr. Ting will use an ultrasonic tool for the procedure which may be less uncomfortable than a standard scraping tool. Whichever one is used will depend on the severity of the plaque and tartar build up; and after a diagnosis, the most appropriate tool will be used to produce the best results. Once scaling is complete, root planing smoothes all rough areas on root surfaces to keep bacteria, plaque, and tartar from re-adhering under the gumline.

As part of the procedure, Dr. Ting may use a local anesthetic to numb a patient’s gums and the roots of their teeth. In some cases involving high aggressive oral bacteria, Dr. Ting may also prescribe antibiotics.

Following the procedure

To promote quick and effective healing, and to maintain the overall health of your gums and teeth, a patient should brush and floss regularly. This will have a big impact on halting the effects of gum disease.

In addition, a patient who smokes or uses chewing tobacco should stop while the healing takes place. The use of any kind of tobacco reduces a patient’s ability to fight infection and slows the healing process.

Overall, scaling and root planing produces only minor discomfort or no discomfort at all. In most cases, swollen gum tissue becomes firm and pink again, the gum disease is reduced or eliminated, and troublesome pockets around the gums are reduced, lessening the chance for ongoing gum disease problems.

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