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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss. The disturbing part is that you might not even know you have it until it’s too late. Yes, your gums have been bleeding a bit, but it’s nothing serious, or so you think. Unless you see a professional, you can’t be sure. Regular dental checkups are the key to healthy gums. Your dentist will pick up on a gum infection immediately and refer you to a Periodontist for treatment – treatment that can prevent significant tooth loss.

What is Periodontal Disease

You may notice that your gums are sensitive to heat and cold; their color might be off, much to red; they bleed when you brush your teeth. You may also sense that your breath is off. These are all signs that your gums are inflamed and that you probably have one or more forms of gum disease.

The 4 Stages of Gum Disease

  1. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Its symptoms include inflamed or red gums that may bleed when brushed. Gingivitis is caused by plaque buildup on teeth.
  2. Early periodontitis presents a slight loss of bone that supports the teeth and may occur even though other symptoms are not obvious.
  3. Moderate periodontitis brings bone loss, the gum tissue is destroyed, and loosening of teeth generally occurs.
  4. Advanced periodontitis is the most severe stage of gum disease. Symptoms become severe. Teeth become loose; biting and chewing hurts. Extensive dental treatment is typically required to correct the damage.

A Dangerous Progression

Gingivitis, as the early stage of gum disease, is caused by plaque buildup on teeth. If plaque is not removed by flossing, it will build up at the gum line and ultimately result in inflammation of the gums. Periodontitis in its later stages of gum disease carries symptoms and health implications such as receding gums, damage to the bone and connective tissue around teeth, and if left untreated, tooth loss. While gingivitis is treatable, the effects of periodontitis are typically not reversible. It is a chronic, long-term condition. It must be addressed by aspecialist.

Serious Health Risks of Periodontitis

Poor dental health can result in serious health issues. Untreated Periodontitis is linked to illnesses including diabetes, heart and kidney disease. The connection seems logical since infection in any one part of the body ultimately affects other healthy organisms. If you suspect or have been diagnosed with gum disease, consult a periodontist immediately.

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