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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Dental implants have been used for over 50 years, but the technology behind the treatments is now more advanced than ever before. With dental implants from Think Oral Implants and Periodontics, Paoli, Pennsylvania, you’ll be smiling once again. We take all major dental insurance and MEDICARE, which may help you cover a substantial portion of your surgical needs. 

How Are Dental Implants Used?

Dental implant procedure is designed primarily for patients that have either lost a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted due to infection, decay, or is the result of physical trauma. The goal is to replace your tooth’s natural root so that it is ready to support a dental bridge, crown, or prosthetic.  

Treatments vary from person to person, but the process for patients, usually includes the following steps; 

  • Initial assessments to confirm suitability and discuss expectations, 
  • Scans of the area to be treated to ensure all implants are designed to match your mouth, 
  • Surgery to create the space and insert the dental implant, 
  • A period of 2-6 months for the implant to bond with the jaw while a temporary bridge is used, 
  • Follow up appointment for the final permanent prosthetic to be added. 

The process can take 6-12 months covering the temporary and permanent features, but the results can last a lifetime. It should also be noted that recovery times are particularly short while, with the use of a localized anesthetic, most patients report minimal discomfort. 

What Can Dental Implants Do For You?

Dental implants are a significant treatment designed for people with significant oral damage. Under the right circumstances, they can bring a host of health and cosmetic rewards. Think Oral Implants and Periodontics in Paoli Pennsylvania take all major dental insurance and MEDICARE, which may help you cover a substantial portion of your surgical needs. 

The most telling rewards include; 

  • An improved smile and facial appearance, 
  • Increased self-confidence, 
  • Restored function and comfort when eating or talking, 
  • A loss of pain caused, 
  • Improved protection and support for adjacent teeth. 

Dental implants are among the most technologically advanced on the market, providing a lifetime of restored comfort, performance, and beauty. They can truly revolutionize your look and oral health. 

Dental Implants In Paoli Pennsylvania At Think Oral Implants And Periodontics

Given the nature and severity of the procedure, it’s only right that you choose the right level of treatment and care for your teeth. Think Oral Implants and Periodontics completes hundreds of dental implants each year, restoring the smiles of clients throughout Paoli and beyond.  

In using our dental implant procedures, you are supported by; 

  • A team of professional dentists boasting decades of combined experience, 
  • Procedures that use the latest technologies and best materials on the market, 
  • A local service that is underpinned by transparency and great aftercare, 
  • Convenient scheduling that avoids delays and allows you to enjoy your new smile ASAP, 
  • Compassionate dentists that appreciate your fears and go the extra mile. 

Dental implants are usually selected for both cosmetic and oral health benefits. From ensuring you gain the right treatment to ensuring all steps of the process are completed to the highest standards.