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Sex Addiction Treatment Nashville

Article provided by: Integrative Life Center

Sex Addiction Treatment Nashville

There are different forms of addictions encountered by individuals. The popular forms are addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful and addictive substances. Sex addiction is also a form of addiction.

It has been considered to be a controversial condition, as much emphasis has been placed on separating it from acts such as pedophilia and bestiality to prevent confusion.

Sex addiction treatment in Nashville has made it possible to recover from sex addiction and live a normal and fulfilling life.

What is Sex Addiction?

It can be defined as the compulsive act of performing sexual intercourse before an individual can function properly or achieve a “fix”. It is simply the dependence on sexual intercourse by an individual.

It is the same way alcoholics need to drink alcoholic substances before they can function and drug addicts need to take in those substances to achieve the high feeling. 

Like every form of addiction, sex addiction affects the life of addicts negatively. It can affect their education, relationships, work, family. This is because everything else comes second place after their cravings.

Sexual Addiction Treatment 

It is possible to recover from sex addiction. There is sex addiction treatment in Nashville that provides the help needed by addicts to recover.

There are outpatient rehab programs that can help to treat addictions. Patients are required to show up at designated times for therapy, counseling sessions, and so on.

There are also inpatient rehab programs that require the separation of patients from their normal environment to a closely monitored and conducive environment.

Patients are engaged in activities that can help them to gradually recover from their addiction and develop healthy and beneficial skills and habits instead.

These treatment programs consist of engagements and activities such as:

Group Meetings

This is one of the effective treatment options. It involves group therapy sessions organized for patients battling with the same addiction. There are 12 steps programs for sex addiction called SAA.

SAA or Sex Addicts Anonymous is similar to Alcohol Anonymous(AA). It provides a support system for addicts where members talk about the problem and how they are fighting it.

Individual Therapy 

Therapy sessions are also organized for patients. One common type of individual therapy is Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT). 

This therapy is targeted at the behavior patterns of patients, how to identify triggers for sexual impulses and how to control these triggers. Individual therapy is a great way for patients to understand themselves better, gain confidence and control. It is always included in sex addiction treatment in Nashville.


Sex addiction can arise due to different reasons, one of which is emotional developmental problems. It can be as a result of exposure to negative influences, sexual molestation, and so on.

This may have a psychological effect on individuals. Psychotherapists work with patients to achieve recovery.

Sex addiction may include every form of sexual interaction such as masturbation. Although recovery is not a day’s job, it is achievable when you choose the right sex addiction treatment in Nashville. Contact Integrative Life Center where you will gain the strength to heal from life’s challenges: 615-891-2226


Sex Addiction Treatment Nashville

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Sex Addiction Treatment Nashville

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