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Rehab Centers In Southern California

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Rehab Centers In Southern California

COVID-19 definitely changed people’s lives. This virus spreads quickly and can cause severe damage and even death to those who are infected. One of the most vulnerable and affected populations by this scourge is the addicts. The new scenario of isolation, desolation, and death caused by COVID-19 generates environments of high stress and anxiety. This increases the likelihood of substance use as an escape.

Fortunately, the Best drug and alcohol rehabs in California have adopted a variety of biosecurity measures to continue providing inpatient rehabilitation without threatening the lives of their patients. At Royal Life Centers at Life Detox, we have taken several necessary steps so that you can do successful rehabilitation free from  COVID-19. You should be aware of our safety protocols so that you can be convinced why we are the safest of rehab centers in Southern California.

How Do We Protect Our Patients from Coronavirus?

A Safe Environment

The compulsion to use drugs or alcohol is so powerful, that the addict is able to go out and look for the substance even in such delicate sanitary conditions. Keep in mind that COVID-19 severely affects the airways, and this makes the addicts an at-risk population. As the leader of the Top addiction programs in San Diego, we offer an isolated and safe environment. This way, we free the person from the temptation to wander the streets in search of drugs or alcohol.

Controlled Admission

It is essential to prevent a person infected with COVID-19 from remaining in our facility. That’s why when somebody requests the assistance of Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox, we make sure this person is free of the virus. We make this through various tests including temperature control, symptom detection, and even PCR testing. All this to keep the health of the guests of the Prime of Top-rated rehab centers in SoCal.

Halfway Housing

One of the best methods to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is social distancing. Understanding that the greatest of Top drug and alcohol rehabs in CA offers today a reduced accommodation. This allows patients to be in their rooms or common areas with the necessary space to keep up the distance. This way, they can spend their days in our facility without the threat of contact and eventual contagion.

Mask use

The spread of Coronavirus occurs mainly through the respiratory tract. It is vital that the use of the mask to protect the mucous membranes from the mouths and noses of our staff and guests. That is why we have enough masks in our rehab center for everyone’s safety. In addition, our staff was trained to instruct the correct use of the mask and to encourage its use at all times.

Modified Therapies

Finally, we have made necessary changes in personal and group therapies to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Group meetings are now done with a minimum of people. In all activities, social distancing is prioritized, and participants are encouraged to wash their hands often, for greater safety.

Enjoy a Safe & Satisfactory Rehab

If you are looking at the Best addiction treatment services in Southern California to do your rehabilitation in spite of the pandemic, you are in the right place. At Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox, we keep up all biosecurity protocols without lowering our high standard of quality. This allows you to achieve your goal of sobriety safely. Let us help you get out of the darkness of drugs or alcohol. Contact us.

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Rehab Centers In Southern California

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