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LASIK Procedure Arvada

LASIK Procedure Arvada

Your vision is essential yet one of the most fragile senses. As such, researchers and doctors have developed advanced technologies like LASIK to correct vision problems. At Sky High Vision, we provide thorough testing to know whether you qualify for LASIK procedure in Arvada. If our comprehensive examination shows you’re a suitable candidate for LASIK, we can assist you in choosing a top refractive surgeon. We also offer post-op care for refractive surgery.

Who’s a Good LASIK Candidate?

LASIK is a vision correction surgery that enables suitable candidates to enjoy reduced dependence on prescription eyewear or lens-free and eyeglasses-free lives. While LASIK procedures can be performed on adults of any age, you have to meet certain criteria. Below are the criteria eye doctors look for that qualify a person for LASIK:

  • Corneal Thickness

The laser used in LASIK surgery sculpts your cornea. This means that for the procedure to be safe, your cornea has to be thick enough to remain functional and healthy post-op. The recommended corneal thickness is between 540 µm to 560 µm. Anything less than 540 µm can damage your cornea and make the surgery ineffective.

  • Age

To be a suitable LASIK candidate, you must be at least 18 years. This is crucial because your prescription constantly changes before stabilizing at the age of 18. As such, the procedure might not be effective when you’re too young. The changes in your cornea may force you to heavily rely on contacts and prescription glasses again even after LASIK surgery.

  • General Health

Although LASIK is a simple outpatient procedure, it’s still surgery, and it comes with its own risks. In LASIK, a tiny incision is made in the eye, and although you’ll be given antibiotic eye drops, you’ll still need to be in optimal health to fight off infection and heal well. Otherwise, if you have an underlying illness, you’ll be more susceptible to infection, affecting the healing process. Some of the medical conditions that can disqualify you from LASIK include rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

  • Eye Health

If you have a degenerative eye disease, LASIK is not an option. On the other hand, if you have an existing eye condition like chronic dry eyes, your doctor will first treat your dry eye before considering whether to proceed with LASIK.

  • Current Eye Prescription

If you have eye conditions like astigmatism, myopia, presbyopia, and hyperopia, LASIK can effectively restore your vision. That said, some prescriptions are too high for LASIK. The FDA has approved the procedure for patients with about 6.00 diopters of astigmatism, +6.00 diopter of farsightedness, and -12 diopters of nearsightedness.

  • Expectations

The fact is, a majority of LASIK results are excellent. But there are potential risks, complications, and side-effects, which you should be completely aware of before consenting to the procedure.

Top-Rated Eye Doctors

The team at Sky High Vision is committed to making sure all our patients are adequately informed, have an in-depth understanding of the benefits and risks, and are sure that LASIK is the right procedure for them. To determine whether you’re a good candidate for LASIK procedure in Arvada, contact us today at (720) 673-0555.

LASIK Procedure Arvada

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LASIK Procedure Arvada

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