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Dentist Pasadena

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Dentist Pasadena

Strong, healthy teeth are an important part of your overall health. You need to take care of them with daily brushing and flossing and with regular visits to your dentist in Pasadena. You will want to choose a dentist in Pasadena that will provide you with all the types of care that you need throughout your life.

Choosing a Dentist in Pasadena

There are many things to consider when you pick a dentist in Pasadena. You want to consider experience and expertise, quality of care, services offered, office accommodations and location and more. You want to find a dentist that will be available for you when you need immediate care as well as preventative care and cosmetic needs.

It is helpful to visit the dentist’s office for an initial visit. You will be able to view the office, meet the friendly staff and get a dental examination by a skilled dentist. On your first visit, you may get an initial oral exam and x-rays. You can discuss any dental concerns you may have and your dentist will provide you with some dental care tips. If you have any problems, such as cavities, the dentist will be able to render services to fill your tooth.

Dental Services

There are many different dental services that may be offered by your dentist in Pasadena. Some of the most common dental services include restorative dentistry, extractions, root canals, periodontics, sedation dentistry, dentures, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and treatment for TMD and sleep apnea.

If you are suffering from a toothache or discomfort it is necessary to see your dentist as soon as possible. A small cavity can be easily filled before it worsens. When a cavity is deep enough to reach the root, a root canal may need to be performed. Root canals are painless and allow the dentist to remove the root and replace the top of the tooth with a cap.

In some cases, an extraction is necessary. After an extraction, you may require partial or full dentures. Another alternative is to choose implants. Dental implants look and perform just like real teeth and are an ideal permanent replacement.  Sedation dentistry is helpful for those who are afraid of dentists or simply prefer to be less aware of the procedures that are taking place.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants to have a clean, bright smile. This can be accomplished with professional help. Dental cleaning is essential to your oral health. In addition to regular teeth cleaning, your dentist also offers professional teeth whitening services. You can whiten your teeth several shades or more to restore the look of your smile and give you more confidence. In addition to teeth whitening, veneers and invisible aligners are available. Invisible aligners are a good option for straightening your teeth. They work in a way similar to traditional braces but without the uncomfortable metal wires.

Our office provides all of the necessary dental services to keep your teeth looking and performing at their best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Dentist Pasadena

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Dentist Pasadena

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