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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Dental Equipment Company

Article provided by: Dentist 2 Dentist Supply Co LLC

Dental Equipment Company

Compare our products at Dentist2Dentist Supply Co with your current dental equipment company and discover how much you can save on quality products. The fact is, not every dental supply company is committed to customer satisfaction. We invite you to browse our dental supply catalog, cart the items you most often order and see your savings add up before your eyes. Visit our Featured products section to view:

The Top 10 Dental Equipment Products We Sell:

1, Surgical Aspirator Tips- a lower price than average when you buy by the case. Smooth-edged for patient comfort, our surgical aspirator tips come in 1/4” and 18” diameters- an excellent deal with you buy our 2500 piece cases.

2. Disposable air water syringe tips to fit your air-water syringes, there are no adapters or conversion kits required. Features separate channels for air and water flow to eliminate air and water contamination.

3. Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. Protect imaging device cords with plastic, leak-proof sleeves that are durable yet soft. Buy cord protection and other dental supplies equipment and technology jackets from Dentist2Dentist Supply Co at the best prices on the Web. Our sleeves arrive in a convenient dispenser box.

4. Lab Coats- By the Case! Comfortably-fitting sky blue lab coats are lightweight with a single hip pocket and feature barrier protection and fluid resistance. Our lab coats are reusable, yet they’re so inexpensive, you can dispose of them after a single use if desired. 500 coats per box.

5. Your patients will appreciate the quality of our bibs and the fact that they’re available in a variety of colors, including peach, mint, lavender, dusty rose, clean white, and several others. Two-ply tissue/one-ply plastic bibs are essential to your practice- we have them in boxes of 500 count.

6. Paper Head Rest Covers are a must-add when ordering dental supplies and products for your clinic. Order disposable paper/poly-backed, textured head rest covers that provide a barrier against moisture and debris. Choose from two popular sizes.

7. C-Fold Towels made of premium, strong, absorbent paper for multi-use in your dental practice. 2,400 towels in each case- a terrific deal at just $32, shipped direct-to-your-door from our dental equipment company.

8. Pick up a couple of cases of plastic disposable 5oz cups for easy dispensing from most 50-cup dispensers. Cups feature a rolled lip for patient comfort.

9. Dental Cotton Rolls, smooth and extra absorbent. Each case includes 12,000 total cotton rolls in standard bundles of 50. Keep our low prices in mind when looking for dental equipment and supplies for sale; our prices are among the lowest on the Web.

10. Cotton-tipped applicators, available in standard 3” and elongated 6” lengths. Our applicators are highly absorbent and tightly wound.

Shop our quality dental supplies and equipment today for reliable delivery on high-quality dental products to stock your clinic. Feel free to read customer reviews online to see why we are the best supplier to fill your next order. We’re here for you when you need a dependable dental equipment company.