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Alcoholism Treatment Program

Article provided by: Ocean Hills Recovery Inc.

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Recovery from alcohol is a long and continuous process that doesn’t stop at drug detox in Orange County. It also entails using different treatment approaches in various recovery stages to help a person overcome their cravings, manage their withdrawals, prevent relapses, and remain sober for the rest of their lives. If you’re struggling with alcohol use, going to rehab can help you quit for good.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we provide a combination of approaches in our alcoholism treatment program. This gives our clients the finest chance of moving past alcohol abuse and reclaiming their lives.

How We Treat Alcoholism

Our well-rounded treatment modalities are aimed at addressing the root cause of the addition to ensure complete recovery. In addition to our California drug and alcohol detox programs, our other approaches include:

Collaborative Care

Alcohol use disorder is a physical illness as well as a mental health disorder. Thus, it requires treating the body as well as the mind. An effective approach is our collaborative care model that delivers addresses your mental and physical health. This model is important because you may experience severe mental and physical symptoms during the initial stages of addiction treatment. Without the aid of medical and mental health experts, these symptoms can be so intense, causing you to leave rehab before completing treatment.

However, with collaborative care, such a situation will be handled accordingly, motivating you to remain committed to your recovery journey.

Behavioral Treatments

This involves therapy sessions that address the emotional and mental needs of the person in recovery. Often, alcohol is used to deal with difficult emotions and situations or even to self-medicate. As such, there’s usually a lot of underlying issues that need to be taken care of after alcohol has been purged from your body. As one of the top alcohol rehabs in California, our therapy sessions allow you to address the problems and challenges you’re facing and equip you with skills to cope with and overcome triggers.

In face-to-face therapy, our therapist will focus on your unique background, thoughts, and emotions. This will enable both you and the therapist to work together toward tailored solutions that aid in your recovery.

Various therapies are used in our Orange County alcohol rehab to explore your personality deeply and deal with your feelings, fears, defenses, and inner conflicts.

You’ll also go for group therapy sessions. These meetings foster positive peer support and relationship building, essential in maintaining long-term sobriety. In group therapy, you’ll learn from the experiences of others and practice healthy social skills in a safe environment.

Compassionate, Comprehensive Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At Ocean Hills Recovery, our goal is to help people with an alcohol use disorder get the care they need to conquer their addiction and lead healthier happier alcohol-free futures. Every individual who attends our alcoholism treatment program receives personalized addiction treatment to meet their unique recovery needs. Further, our comprehensive and evidence-based treatment modalities promote lasting sobriety and empower recovery-seeking clients to live out their best lives. Call our alcohol rehab center or verify your insurance now:

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Alcoholism Treatment Program

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